About AJK


Ayesha is a high end digital artist based in Chicago, with a background in graphic design

and over 10 years of experience in her field. Her approach involves enhancing images

while maintaining their natural texture.

Her range of work includes color correction to complex composites, which are typically a combination of

several images, built around the product.

She helps the photographer tell their story by her creative use of technique to preserve the

integrity of their work and produce a visually striking finish.


Specializing in:

Editorial retouching  |  Image Manipulation  |  Digital Compositing





Spirit & Flesh, Allure, Glamour (US), Style-ology Magazine , EDITORIAL Magazine,

Architectural Digest, INPRINT PHOTO Magazine, Essere Magazine,

UNALLIED Magazine, Vogue China, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan,

Wink Magazine , ESTELA Magazine, Xita Productions, G4 Magazine  

//Slang Magazine, Seek.Me, Like a Lion Magazine, Ballad of . . .Magazine,

The Creative Book, LIKE Magazine, Noctis Magazine, Elegant Magazine,

Lucky Magazine, Muse Magazine, AnOther Magazine